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ITScriptNETIT Script NET HHP dolphin programming software

ITScriptNetT Batch and Batch Plus software allows users to quickly and easily create batch data collection applications for all HHP Dolphin® batch portable data terminals. 

The ITScriptNet program designer features an intuitive visual interface that provides users with a graphical view of how the program will function as it is being constructed, greatly simplifying the development process.

ITScriptNet enables developers to harness the multi-functional data capture capabilities of Dolphin mobile computers, including keypad and touch panel input, reading 1 and 2D bar codes, signature capture, and picture taking.

With its power, flexibility, and ease of use, ITScriptNet Batch may be used to create a wide range of data collection solutions for inventory control, asset management, warehousing, retail, meter reading, document tracking, and production tracking.

ITScriptNet(tm) - Batch Designer Demo version creates demo applications for Dolphin 7200 Batch, 7300, 7400, 7450, 9500, and 9550 Batch terminals. 

ITScriptNet(tm) - Batch Plus Designer Demo version offers additional functionality such as IrDA printing, Active X controls, In-Prompt script debugging, and other enhanced features.