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Dolphin 7200 2D

The Dolphin 7200 2D is a superior solution for in-transit applications.

The Dolphin® 7200 2D is an all-purpose data collection terminal featuring a state of the art CMOS digital-image-camera with an integrated image-processor. The IT4250 imager incorporated into the ergonomic design of the Dolphin hand held computer enables the terminal the ability to decode Linear bar codes, Stacked Linear and Martix codes as well as providing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality for reading OCR fonts. The Dolphin 7200 2D also provides image lift capability for signature capture and proof of delivery applications.

The Dolphin 7200 2D is the smallest hand held device to incorporate such a broad functionality and is intended as a tool in logistics, transportation and distribution where different symbologies must be read and signatures or images recorded. The Dolphin 7200 2D is a superior solution for in-transit applications such as parcel delivery or route accounting and for in-premise applications like shipping/receiving. The live video image on the terminal screen and the bright red aiming line reduces aiming to a simple intuitive and accurate task for decoding and image capture. Lighting conditions can vary in certain applications so the terminal is designed to work in darkness or dim lighting conditions.