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MC9000-G Series

Harness the Real-Time Data Pouring Through Your Supply Chain

The MC9000-G delivers an unsurpassed choice of scanning and imaging technologies. You can select an integrated high-performance laser bar code scan engine or a feature-rich, powerful imager, depending on your application requirements.

If you choose the handheld's scanner option, a variable-range scan engine allows your users to scan one-dimensional (1D) bar codes from as close as 4 inches or as far as 40 feet away with equal accuracy. In addition to user mobility, this unique capability makes it possible for you to cost-effectively deploy one mobile device in a variety of different environments.

The powerful new imager reads 1D and two-dimensional (2D) bar code and composite code symbologies. The MC9000-G has a very small form factor engine with the widest working range of any commercially available imager. And its superior illumination gives your users the ability to work in any environment, even in dimly lit areas.