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VRC 8900 Vehicle Radio Computer

New Breed of Mobile Device for the Harshest Warehouse and Factory Environments
The new VRC 8900 mobile data terminal from Symbol Technologies is an industry first—a rugged device for use in the toughest environments with the industry-standard Windows CE operating system and a full-screen color display. Sealed for protection against dust and water (to IP65 standards), and shock-tested to 24G, the VRC 8900 is reliable in the most extreme temperature and environmental conditions, and easily tolerates sub-zero freezers as well as the vibration and repetitive pounding of forklift applications.

Designed for distribution centers, factory floors, and warehouses, the VRC 8900 supports real-time receiving, tracking, put-away, picking and shipping, and 1-D and 2-D scanning applications—and delivers a new level of benefits wherever implemented.