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Custom Programming

Have AC&E do the programming for you. Pricing is in the hundreds, not thousands.
As part of AC&E's customer services. We offer custom programming for APEX II scanners. Tell us your application idea and we will do the work for you. Since AC&E has already done many programs for their various customers, programming time is cut down, whichs means you can start using your APEX scanner solution sooner than if you were doing the programming yourself.

If you are using a Mars Electronics MEQ scanner, AC&E offers converisons of the Mars platform to the newer APEX platform. Trade-in your MEQ for discounts on APEX scanners.

IMC has partnered with AC&E

Information Management Corporation (IMC) is now using APEX scanners with their Public Safety Solutions. IMC currently has over 500 state and local police, fire, and sheriff departments using their public safety software and the numbers continue to grow. Customers reside in eleven states, including Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
For more information please visit www.imcus.com.

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