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Scanners - Compsee Apex II

A Flexible, Cost-Effective Portable for Data-Intense Applications

Whether your application needs include factory automation, sales automation, inventory tracking, order entry or warehousing distribution, you will find the Apex II portable data collection terminal the ideal solution, with its simple operation, lightweight and compact design, and ready-to-go state of operation.


The ergonomic design of the Apex II permits single-handed data collection--leaving one hand free to manipulate items. This feature, alone, contributes to a reduction in user fatique and leads to increased productivity.

For applications requiring bar code reading, the Apex II, with either the integrated laser scanner or the tethered scanner, plus the ability to decode all popular symbologies, offers a cost-effective way to maximize your productivity. Ideal for scan-intensive applications, the design of the integrated scanner positions it at a 35-degree angle, which allows the operator to view the display at all times.

These features, along with a 4-line x 16-character display and fully alphanumeric keyboard (which eliminates the need for the shift key), contribute to the enhanced throughput and user comfort of the Apex II.

The Apex II puts the user in control by allowing applications software to be written using favorite program editor. The Apex II incorporates a nonproprietary BASIC interpreter, similar to the popular Microsoft BASIC interpreter. Valuable enhancements have been added to the language to give the programmer complete control of the Apex unit and bar code reading capabilities.

BASIC gives the programmers the flexibility of fully implemented programming language with superior excution speed, built-in debugging features, and exceptional file handling capabilities.

These Intel-based units, with memory sizes ranging from 128k to 1MB, assure the speed and power needed for today's wide range of data tracking applications.

Available memory will increase the applications effectiveness by letting the user access more file information, run multiple applications, or operate for an extended period of time at a remote site. The on-board flash memory eliminates the worry of program corruption and the need for backup.